Analyzing and Applying Metaphors

In this class exercise, we start with this quotation from Roger Lundin and Susan Gallagher’s Literature Through the Eyes of Faith.

In place of the long-standing Aristotelian view of metaphor as substitution, as a process in which poetic words ‘stand in’ for literal ones, we could perhaps say that the metaphorical process is one of interaction. When we use a metaphor, we say that one thing is another. We take a word from its conventional context and apply it to a new situation.

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Analyzing and Applying Metaphors

On Crafting Better Essay Prompts

A peer told me his new litmus test for deciding whether or not to pursue a longer work of scholarship: would it be spiritually edifying?

Not simply in content, mind you.

As a process.

Would the process of reading and thinking/writing about his topic be spiritually edifying?

And what should I see tonight in Stephen Greenblatt’s Renaissance Self-Fashioning?

“[I]t is everywhere evident in this book that the questions I ask of my material and indeed the very nature of this material are shaped by the questions I ask of myself.”

Yes, I thought upon reading this, I should practice this, but I should also be teaching it. This Greenblatt quotation will go on my research paper prompts.

On Crafting Better Essay Prompts