Faith Integration Project: Week 1

I’m planning to write a memoir about this upcoming school year and my struggles and successes in integrating faith into my teaching and scholarship.


For this past week, I’ve kept an audio diary on the way to and from school which has only been practically good in helping me remember what went on this week but also conceptually good in that I’ve discovered insights as I’ve talked through what I’ve done and what I’ve thought about that day.

My overall action-steps as I work toward this goal include:

1. Daily note taking on that day’s audio diary. I had three hours of audio from this week. I can’t listen to all of that in one shot, especially if I then want to…

2. Write a weekly essay (due Friday or Saturday) that attempts to sum up what I’ve read and learned that week

In the absence of a coherent essay, I’m going to hand out my faith-integration superlatives after the jump…

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Faith Integration Project: Week 1