10 Postulates About Language

1. Human language is part of God’s creation and thus was made good.

2. Before the fall, we communicated and interpreted without error.

3. Language fell when humanity fell.

4. We see the effects of this fall in both our writing and reading.

5. Both writing and reading are, at their base, ethical acts and informed by our fallen or redeemed impulses.

6. Writing and reading are thus parts of humanity’s chief end: to glorify God (proper communication) and enjoy him forever (proper interpretation).

7. We glorify God when we communicate God’s truth and interpret God’s truth correctly.

8. When we faithfully represent or interpret something in accordance with God’s own conception of that thing (even if that representation is not complete), God is glorified.

9. When we write and read generously, we are extending grace to our neighbors, and this grace is an extension of Christ’s generosity to “one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine.”

10. Daily reading and writing are ways of participating in the redemption of creation.

10 Postulates About Language