Personal Assessment

At the end of each semester, I ask my ENGL 203 (British Lit I) students to write a reflective essay. They reread one day’s assignment from earlier in the semester and reflect on how either their reading methods or comprehension has changed.

This assignment gives me a qualitative kind of feedback about the class. They’re learning how to tell a story about what they’ve gotten out of the course.

I must admit that part of me wants some hard numbers assessment. So I made a 10-question multiple choice exam. I gave it to my students on the first day of class (and did not return it). I gave it to them yesterday on our last regular day of class. Here’s what it looks like…

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Personal Assessment

Ten Comments I Consistently Give Students on Their Papers

Paper comments are about ethos and pathos as much as they are logos.

What does that mean?

I shouldn’t just point out something in a paper because it needs correction.

My comments should be:

a) motivated by wanting to help the student improve (pathos)

b) phrased in such a way as to help promote revision and learning (ethos).

So here are ten things I say on a LOT of papers.

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Ten Comments I Consistently Give Students on Their Papers